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How can you send my order?


In our e-shop you can choose between many methods of shipping. We try to provide you with as many options as possible from different shipping companies. Here are all shipping options we offer:




Shipping to your doorstep


The most popular method of delivery is home delivery. It's no work, you don't have to go anywhere for the parcel and the courier can bring it to your doorstep. You can choose from 2 shipping companies to deliver the parcel to your address.

Czech post - 129 CZK


The Parcel delivery to hand by the Czech post is the most common way of delivering parcels. You will receive up-to-date information on the shipment's progress by e-mail or SMS, and thanks to a special code for picking up the package, anyone else can pick it up for you. Delivery usually takes place within the second business day after dispatch. In case of unsuccessful delivery, you can pick up the package directly at the post office.


DPD - 119 CZK


Thanks to the DPD Private service, the courier will deliver your parcel to your home, work, or any address you specified during the order within the second business day after dispatch. Thanks to the tracking code, you will know the current position of the shipment, and on the day of delivery, the courier will notify you by e-mail or SMS of the hourly interval of delivery. If it doesn't suit you, you have a total of 3 delivery attempts.



Shipping to pickup point 

If you don't want to deal with a courier and would like to come for the parcel when you have time, you can choose delivery to the pickup with 3 shipping companies.

Czech post - 89 CZK 

The extensive Balíkovna network of České pošta offers parcel pickup at more than 5,000 pickup points, and now also in Balíkovna-boxes. You can track the package all the way according to the tracking code, and then you have a special code to pickup it, which can be used by anyone to whom you give it.


Zásilkovna - 99 CZK


We will send the parcel to one of the nearly 8,000 delivery points of the Zásilkovna company. You can track your package in the app or with a tracking code on the website, which will let you know exactly when you can expect the delivery. 

For oversized shipments, postage will be increased to CZK 129. Standard shipment dimensions: 5 kg, approx. 50x40x30 cm, longest side max. 50 cm. The sum of length, width and height must not exceed 120 cm. The minimum dimensions must not be smaller than 10×7×1 cm.


DPD - 79 CZK


You can also pick up the parcel at one of the 1,250 DPD pickup points, where it will wait for you up to 7 daysInformation about the current location of the package is also a matter of course here.



Personal pickup at the store


Of course you can also drop by personally to pickup your order. After confirmation of your order, please wait until we send you an e-mail that we have the goods ready for you. Before each visit, please check our Contact page and ensure the store is really open.



Shipping abroad


We are happy to send your order to you outside the borders of the Czech Republic. Whether it is to Slovakia, to other countries of the European Union, or to the whole world, we will always try to find the best way to deliver your order to you.


Slovakia - 290 CZK


We send your order to Slovakia by the Czech Post. In the case of bigger order the price of the delivery can be increased.


EU - 590 CZK


We will be happy to send you order to all countries of the European Union with the services of the Czech Post. In the case of bigger order the price of the delivery can be increased.


Worldwide - 790 CZK


We also send parcels to all other countries outside the European Union by Czech Post. If you happen to not find your country in the menu, please write us and we will be happy to add it. In the case of bigger order the price of the delivery can be increased.