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How can I pay for my order?


You can choose many different types of payment on our e-shop. Be aware that chosen type of payment can affect delivery time. There are all payment options we offer: 

In the internet environment, payment by card is one of the fastest, most convenient and most secure types of payment that an e-shop can offer. We use the secure payment gateway ComGate, which is secured according to 3D Secure standards. Of course we do not store any information from your card.

Payment by card is free and you can use all payment cards issued within the European Union.


Payment button



The other fast way of paying on the Internet is online payment buttons. However, not all banks offer this option for their users. Therefore, before choosing this payment method, please check with your bank whether it supports payment buttons or not.

To use this free payment button just proceed to Internet banking via the button and log in with your usual login details. After logging in you will already see a pre-filled bank order with all the necessary data for the payment, which you only need to confirm. Thanks to the payment button we have a payment within a few moments in our system and we do not have to wait as with a normal bank transfer.



Bank transfer


You have probably come across with this type of payment before. After confirming the order we will send you the necessary information to make the payment by e-mail. You then fill them into your online banking and send the payment. Standard bank transfer takes up to 3 days, so the entire order may take a little longer with this payment method.

Payment by bank transfer is free. Our bank account number for payments by transfer in CZK, which we have registered with the Fio bank, is 2901098876/2010. For payment in EUR please use these: IBAN CZ67 2010 0000 0020 0154 4025 and SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX. Please always include the order number as a variable symbol so that we can track your payment more easily.




Cash on delivery


You can use cash on delivery in your order. That means we proceed your order in 1 or 2 business days and you pay for the goods in the moment the courier brings it to you, or when you collect it yourself at the delivery point. Please note that some products require payment in advance. That's why you won't find the possibility of cash on delivery payment with them.

Since cash on delivery is a paid service for shipping companies we also charge a fee of CZK 29 for it.



Postponed payment


In our e-shop you can also use posponed payment, which is free of charge. This allows you to postpone the payment of the purchase and then either pay or spread the payment into installments. Postponement of payment is interest-free.




PayPal for foreign orders

If you are ordering from abroad, you can also pay via the PayPal system to account You will see payments via PayPal in the cart active only in case of a foreign delivery address. This type of payment is charged 40 CZK.