Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of UNITY! Cx s r.o.
Established: Pod Lázní 1028/12, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
IČO. : 28519876, DIČ : CZ 28519876

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I. General provisions
1st These general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of UNITY! CX and customers in supply
fan articles of clothing, souvenirs and other goods from the assortment of UNITY! cx
customer on the basis of its order.
2nd These general terms and conditions are binding for all customers Unite! Cx, ie physical and
legal person that you send us your order.
3rd These general terms and conditions come into force on the date of their publication on the web site
UNITY! CX (http://fanshop.ceskyflorbal.cz). UNITY! Cx reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions at any time.
4th All relations between Unite! CX and customers who are these general terms and conditions
are governed by relevant provisions of the Commercial Code. If the customer is a consumer as defined in § 52
3 of the Civil Code, that is the case for a customer at the conclusion of the contract and does not conduct
commercial or other business, manages the relationships not these general terms and conditions
relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

II. Ordering goods
1st The order can be UNITY! Cx posted to the address Unity!cx (for Elektrárnou 419, 170 00 Prague 7, made by telephone or by fax at telephone number +420 266 727 489, e-mail at or via e-fanshop@ceskyflorbal.cz Trade
website UNITY! cx at http://fanshop.ceskyflorbal.cz
2nd The customer is obliged to bring in the following order:
a) its identity, ie business or firm name, country of residence, identification number, tax ID, contact (telephone, fax or e-mail
b) Name of the goods ordered, and sometimes its description.
c) The quantity of goods ordered.
d) Delivery address (if that information is not given, it is considered that the goods are delivered to the address
of place of residence of the purchaser).
e) the delivery date agreed upon when the customer UNITY! cx differently from the general business
f) Name and signature of the person authorized for the customer to act, where the stamp of the customer.
g) Name of contact person (if that information is not given, it is considered that the receipt of delivered goods
eligible customers, or any of its employees.
3rd If the order include the requirements under the previous article, is considered incomplete. UNITY! Cx
In this case, try to contact the customer and ask him to order the removal of deficiencies and its
possible refinements and / or completion. Increasingly exacting upon delivery of data and / or additional orders
UNITY! cx the order is deemed complete.
4th Immediately upon receipt of complete order UNITY! Cx obliged to check whether the required goods
in stock. If the desired product is in stock or not available in required quantities, please contact
UNITY! CX customers and offer an alternative delivery performance. If delivery of the goods required can only
longer delivery time, UNITY! cx customer notices this.
5th If a customer sends UNITY! Cx first order, is obliged to send it along with your identification
documents, ie certificate of incorporation, a copy of business license, etc. and a certificate of VAT.
6th Telephone calls to UNITY! Cx can be monitored.
III. The purchase price of the goods

1st Binding purchase price of goods is indicated on the website of Unity! Cx at http://fanshop.ceskyflorbal.cz
IV. Purchase contract
1st By delivering complete customer orders UNITY! Cx Article II.1. there is a proposal to purchase
contracts within the meaning of § 43a et seq. Civil Code.
2nd The contract of sale is:
a) upon receipt of complete order UNITY! cx, provided that the customer orders the goods at the current
b) Timing of the customer's consent to the delivery of goods at reduced price under Article III.4.,
c) upon the expiry of the deadline to contact the customer in accordance with Article III.5.,
d) Timing of the customer's consent to the delivery of alternative transactions or delivery of goods in the long delivery
date referred to in Article II.4., whichever occurs later.

V. payment of the purchase price and payment terms

1st The customer is obligated to pay the purchase price for the goods delivered by wire transfer on behalf of Unite! Cx
listed on the invoice, cash on delivery
2nd In the case of bank transfer, the purchase price paid at the time considered the appropriate amount of
account for UNITY! cx stated on the invoice. Proof of payment in cash means spending
cash receipt issued by the customer and confirmed by the UNITY! cx cash voucher or receipt issued
Customer UNITY! cx.
3rd The purchase price for goods Unite! CX based on the customer supplies the customer's order is due within fifteen days
from delivery to the customer or the due date specified on the invoice, which Unite! customer cx
issued, whichever of these two dates is later.
4th The customer is obligated to pay all obligations to UNITY! CX according to the rules of
general business conditions, when the UNITY! cx agreed in writing payment terms
individual. In the event that the customer is in default in payment of the purchase price or its part, loses the right to
any discounts provided to him UNITY! CX and is obliged to pay a penalty of 0.05% of the outstanding amount
for each day of delay.
5th UNITY! Cx reserves the right to require the customer has to UNITY! Outstanding cx
overdue payment or a commitment was repeated in the past, cash payment on delivery or payment in advance by bank transfer UNITY! cx. If the customer does not accept this condition, it reserves the UNITY! Cx right to deliver the ordered goods until after all of its obligations to UNITY! Cx pay.
VI. Terms of delivery
1st UNITY! CX delivers the goods to customer chosen way to the agreed address during working days at a fixed shipping price listed on the website of Unity! Cx at http://fanshop.hcsparta.cz. If the goods ordered by the customer exceeds their total value, after deduction of discounts granted to CZK 2,000 including VAT (after the discount) will not transport in the Czech Republic accounted for the customer. Traffic will also be charged to the customer in the event that will be additional coverage of the customer's order or its partial implementation.
2nd If the UNITY! CX and client agreed otherwise, undertakes to UNITY! Cx deliver ordered
Goods in stock no later than the seventh working day from receipt of order.
3rd Non-standard terms of delivery of goods to be produced on demand to be agreed upon depending on the nature of the production.
4th The customer is obliged to UNITY! Cx promptly in writing of any change of place of delivery or
contact person. UNITY! Cx is not liable for damage caused by improper or untimely delivery of goods
if it was caused by the breach of a customer under this article.
5th Risk of damage to the goods passes to the buyer's receipt of the goods at the moment.
6th UNITY! Cx zákazníkovi issue a tax receipt, invoice, the customer before the goods delivery.
Each invoice will include among others, the formalities required by law, the following information:
a) The number and invoice.
b) Name, address, registration number, VAT vendor and the purchaser, details of commercial registration (court, section number).
c) Bank seller.
d) The maturity date of the purchase price.
e) a description of the goods and their quantities.
f) Buyer's order number.
g) Price without VAT, VAT, total payment amount.
9th The customer is entitled to return the invoice due date (tj.prokazatelným way to deliver UNITY! Cx)
if it contains incorrect prices or absence of one of the requirements invoice. Along with the return of the invoice is
Customer must specify in writing the defects, which in his view, the invoice shows. In the event that the invoice is actually
issued erroneously, UNITY! cx issue a new customer. Customer's obligation to pay the purchase price within
due date stated on the original invoice is not affected unless the fault lies in the incorrect invoice for the purchase price.
Due date in this case runs from the corrected invoice to the customer.

VII. Complaints and warranty

1st We encourage customers to check goods on receipt of order. Incorrect quantity and obvious defects in goods delivery, the customer must claim without undue delay. We ask customers to claim the reported description of the defect, or how the defect manifests itself.
2nd The seller is responsible for the buyer to sell the thing is to take over the buyer in accordance with the contract, in particular, it is free of defects. In the event that the thing to take over the buyer is not in conformity with the contract (hereinafter referred to as "conflict with the contract), the buyer has the right to the seller free of charge and without undue delay, put the product in accordance with the purchase contract, and according to by exchanging the buyer, or repair, unless such procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer about the conflict with the contract knew or conflict with the contract he has caused . Conflict with the purchase agreement, which will take effect within six months of the takeover is considered the inconsistency in its takeover, if not in the nature of the case or if it is proven otherwise.
3rd If the customer is a consumer as defined in § 52 paragraph 3 of the Civil Code, ie the case of a customer
at the conclusion of the contract and does not conduct business or other entrepreneurial activities, and if the contract negotiated by means of distance communication (eg phone, fax, e-commerce business, etc.) the customer is right, regardless of the type of goods supplied, cancel the contract within 14 days of delivery. The buyer can not withdraw from the contract:
a) the provision of services if their performance was started with agreement before the expiry of 14 days from the acceptance of performance
b) to provide services that are consumed or used by the buyer
c) the supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations of financial markets beyond the control of suppliers
d) the supply of goods imported / modified as desired by the consumer or to his person and goods subject to rapid deterioration, wear and tear
e) the delivery of audio and video recordings and computer programs, if the consumer violates their original packaging
f) the delivery of newspapers, periodicals and magazines
g), consisting of game or lottery
4th The right of withdrawal according to Article VII.3. Customer must apply for UNITY! cx by the last day of the period. The customer subsequently return the goods returned goods that are undamaged, unused and complete. UNITY! Cx ensure removal of returned goods at its own expense. The right of withdrawal applies only to goods normally offered in the online store UNITY! Cx.
5th The goods supplied by the customer is given the warranty period provided by law - 24 months.
6th The warranty period starts from the date of receipt by the buyer case. For after-sales service and complaint is sufficient to provide proof that the goods were purchased from UNITY! Cx, as a sales document (invoice), confirmed by the warranty card, etc. If submitting your warranty acknowledge Unite! Cx on-demand customer warranty card and subsequently .

VIII. Final Provisions

1st These general terms and conditions concern only the relations associated with the purchase of goods from an online store UNITY! Cx.
2nd A written agreement between Unite! CX and the customer can use each of these provisions
general business conditions, or the use of general terms and conditions as such, excluded.
3rd The general business conditions become effective on September 11, 2009.